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    help… I have sucessfully uploaded a gallery of 9 pictures each in 2 posts. I am working on a third and fourth post and I cannot get the gallery to come up on the post eventhough all the images have been uploaded (correctly, I think) to the gallery. TIA.



    When was the last time you successfully put a gallery in a post? People have been reporting Insert to Post problems that started on (I think) Thursday or Friday. This might be the same issue.

    Can you give us a direct link to your blog, plus let us know the browser and version you’re using?


    I can not up load pictures either. I am getting a message from my computer that I am running low on “virtual memory” and more memory is being added. What ?



    That’s a different issue, so please start a new thread for that. Sounds like a computer problem, though.


    I can’t get pictures to appear in my post, either individually OR as a gallery.




    That is something we can not help you with
    do a disk clean up and a disk defrag and it
    should fix the problem…



    miranda, click on the Images tag in the sidebar of the forums and you’ll find many solutions and workarounds for the regular Insert in Post problem. Also, when you request help please either link your name to your blog (under “website” on the profile page) or give us a link to the blog so we can check it.



    Raincoaster, thanks for your reply…. my weblog address is:
    The last time that I sucessfully uploaded a gallery was on Sunday. I have gallery images in place for two posts (did it the same way as the first one)…
    Thanks for you help…. lbom



    Thanks. It looks like you got it fixed? Which browser and version are you using? There are some new issues with Safari and if that’s the one, you might consider a temporary switch to Camino, Flock or Firefox.



    I too am having problems uploading images. This happened when wordpress first changed to the new look but it resolved itself then. Now I have been trying for 3 days but when I click insert into post I just get the white box frozen and nothing more happens. I am using IE and my blog is npnt.wordpress.com I have read through all the responses but can find nothing else to try?




    I just logged in and none of my pics, including my header, are showing. Is WP having problems wide-spread?





    As I said above, that’s a separate issue and the workarounds and solutions are in the other threads. This thread is about an entire gallery not uploading when individual images will. Also, when you post to those other threads npnt, we will need a direct link to your blog.

    arianskyy, as I reported in the other thread, all your images are showing up for me.



    I also cannot insert pictures into my blog. I am using IE 6.0. The choose file window pops up, I select “Choose files to upload”, select one file, click “Open”. From here I see the picture I selected in the “Choose file” window. I click “Insert to Post”. The choose file window goes blank and the browser shows a javascript error indicator in the help bar at bottom. My only option is to close the now-blank Choose File window which pops me back to my in-edit blog post.

    The above is also the same response I get when I choose to insert the entire gallery – the pop-up window goes blank.

    This is really frustrating…I’ve been trying to insert these pics for the last hour and I’d really like to get this post up tonight but I can’t without the pics. Too bad for WordPress.



    Have you read the other threads?


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