Picture help please still got problems :)

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    pictures uploaded today

    to here

    camera took great and show up without flaws just fine on computer viewers; windows and Olympus, but wrecked only after uploading, so appear on blog looking terrible,

    please can you tell me what is happening?

    Thanks, Dove :)

    The blog I need help with is gardendove.wordpress.com.



    I’m not seeing any issues with those images. I’m using Firefox 14.0.1. Which browser and version of it are you using?


    They look fine to me, too, and I’m using Firefox 11. However, you’ve uploaded absolutely huge images and are probably using the size reduction in the image editor. What you need to do is to resize your images to the maximum size of your theme’s post width, and then upload them. Or, if you want them to open to the larger size, you need to make sure that people don’t have to scroll. As it is they open to full size (on two clicks) so large that one has to scroll to see them.

    Try that on at least one or two of your images and see if it makes any difference. If it doesn’t come back here and we’ll try to help you some more.


    When I say ‘resize them’ I mean in an image editing program, before you upload them to your post or media library. You can use photoshop or you can’t afford that, Photoshop Elements is cheaper, or there is a free program called GIMP.


    Thankyou both, I’m using firefox 14, aaah that’s the problem thanks yes they are too large to start with, thought my eyes had suddenly gone funny! I will go practice resizing, also will look at GIMP too :)


    You can probably also resize in a program on your computer – most computers come with an onboard graphics program. Even Paint can be used! ;)

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