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    I have followed the directions from Trent’s response to an earlier question with regard to this. I get to the text box and put in exactly as you have indicated with the html with my jpg. When I am complete I don’t know how to ‘enter’ it. What do I do with the text box to complete the process. The only thing that does come up is the title portion I labeled image…but no photo. ???



    If you click the little top corner of the link, it goes into edit mode. Enter your image such as:

    <img src="http://yourdomain.com/image.jpg" alt="Image Title" / >

    Then click on the X in the top right. After that, make sure you click the button to “SAVE” the changes! It should show up!



    I’ll give this a try…. thanks! :) Imaya


    Well, I’m a step futher… interestingly, an image showed up but it is a symbol box. Very similar to the little box in the corned of my Moose photo that is not displaying. Any ideas?
    I really think I have accomplished what I was asking. It’s just this wierd not being able to see the photo thing. Here are the urls:


    I’m wondering if my image file is too big… ? I’ll reduce it…


    I got this to work using a different photo. Thank you Trent! :)



    No problem! It must have been the width of the photo being bigger than the sidebar! Glad to hear it works for you!


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