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Picture information / metadata

  1. I am new to WordPress and not very techhie, so sorry if this is a stupid question or has been answered elsewhere...

    I have set up a photoblog ( where obviously I will be mostly posting photos. I noticed that if you download one of my images from the blog, and then open it in Photoshop etc you can view all the camera data (aperture, shutter speed, date etc etc) in the File Info. You can even see any guides that I have added.

    I might not necessarily want people to be able to view this data... is there any way I can delete this or make it private, either when uploading the image to WordPress or in Photoshop?


  2. The easiest way to do this is to modify the photo in Photoshop and then use "File - Save For Web".

    This (for me anyway!) always removes the meta data from the file.

  3. Thanks Cornell, that seems to work. I've only ever saved images for print so hadn't thought to use 'Save For Web'

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