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    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add a Page to my site where other people can upload pictures they want to share? If so, I need instructions on how to do this. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is tfockler60.wordpress.com.


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    No. You would have to add them as users with the role of author.

    Readers can link to pictures in comments (but not display the pictures themselves).
    You could have them email pictures to you, through contact form then you could upload them to your page.



    Sigh….thanks 1tess. HINT HINT Oh guru’s of themes…. This sure would be a nice feature to have here. :)



    In case you haven’t found these entries the user roles are here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/user-roles/
    A contributor does not have the ability to upload files/images. Admins and Editors can create pages and upload images. Authors can upload images but cannot create pages.

    Also picking up on what Tess said you could create a static page and place a contact form on it so readers could use it to email you the URLs of any images they want posted.

    I’m thinking that if anyone ie. any reader could posts an image on a page and the blog was not set to full moderation then there could be a problem with porno and other distasteful images being autoposted to the blog.


    Agree with timethief. For the reason she mentioned, readers aren’t even allowed to post images in comments.


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    you are welcome to my help, but do be careful about what you wish for: As a blogger, I would not want random readers to post pictures on my blog. Spam comments as text are bad enough! Best to have your own control over what is published on your blog.

    Right, readers can link to pictures in comments, but they can not post them:
    That is why the comment form is useful for an administrator who wants to add pictures from readers.

    Readers could upload pictures as stills in a video to YouTube (or other) and their videos would be available for everyone to see in comments.



    About automatically embedded videos on comments: I don’t like that feature, videos can be also distasteful. YouTube’s, p.e., are controlled, but they can be ugly even so.

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