Picture problems :(

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    can you say if there been a change to media and uploading recently?

    My photo’s used to look ok, but all those with sky or background have suddenly become pixilated and look dreadful, they were already uploaded and looked fine, now they look as though everything has been degraded overnight; also new ones are this poor quality immediately after uploading now. It’s very sad :(

    Here’s a couple of scary examples –

    The sky on this one was clear and blue the other week, but now it’s in bars:


    And this one uploaded as an ugly nightmare for some reason, but is fine in reality –


    Do I need to change any of my settings so I can return to them to how they looked previously?

    Thanks Dove :)

    The blog I need help with is unseenunicorns.wordpress.com.



    Hi Dove, the images that you linked to look fine for me. Have you recently changed anything with your setup, e.g. your internet connection, your default browser, your home computer? Do the images look bad in all browsers, e.g. in Firefox vs Explorer vs Chrome? Is it the same for all of your images, or just some of them?



    Also, are you referring specifically to the image previews (the small versions of the images when you are viewing them on an individual posts)? When you click through to the original images, do they seem fine?

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