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    I am having some picture problems that just started today. When I upload a picture and I choose for it to be centered it still comes out left aligned. I have to select the picture after I insert it and then put center for it to work. Secondly, when I go to my main page (accidentalsexiness.wordpress.com) the main picture on top of the article can’t be clicked on.

    So if someone reads my article and wants to click on the picture to see it bigger, they can’t. Please help!




    Same problem

    if someone wants to click on the picture to see it bigger, they can’t.




    I noticed the Add Image screen has changed. There is no longer an address in the Link URL. Instead of None, if you click File URL, it should appear.



    more… after you click File URL, then Insert into Post. Now in your post, you can click on the picture.


    Exactly! Ok so it’s not just me! I wish they would post something if they change things. I hope this gets fixed!



    I noticed the change today. I like the change because I always clicked None so my picture couldn’t be clicked on. Just my preference. Now I have one less thing to do or in my case forget. I was always forgetting and having to Edit my post. Anyway… It does look like it could be something that could be checked in the settings so there would be a default that is “comfortable” for each user based on his or her use.


    Hmn, I just looked in settings and couldn’t find such a setting. If anyone knows where it is please let me know. I would like to allow my readers to click on it. Thanks!



    How do I grab the link to an image that I want to use in my sidebar?



    accidentalsexiness….. No… I wasn’t saying it was in the Settings. I was saying that it looks like it would be or should be. Maybe a future update.

    notsosahm…. Look at this http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/10/18/put-an-image-in-your-sidebar/



    Thanks rchsbowman, but for me the link url is no longer showing up. It only shows “File URL” or “Post URL”. I haven’t tried to use those words in the code for the sidebar yet, but I’m doubting the site will know which “file” I’m wanting to use there. I guess I’m going to have to use Flickr or another outside photo place? GAAHH!



    I think the File URL is the Link URL.. You can try this. If its wrong, then try the Post URL.

    A mathematician got a job as a fireman. When he saw a fire, he put it out. When he didn’t see a fire, he started one, so that he had a problem with a solution he could find.

    Just try something. If it doesn’t work, try again.



    Thanks :) I’m using flickr. I’m no mathematician or fireman, although I do try to pretend every once in a while.



    please fix the picture problem. it’s obviously some coding issues again.


    Why was it changed if you pick medium, that it no longer enlarges to it full size when clicked? Now we have to click the button ‘link to file’ to make it clickable to full size. I know I’ll forget this as time goes on.


    WordPress has added a bunch of new settings for controlling how images are inserted into your posts by default. Go to settings > media and you can now set default sizes, alignment, and whether or not the image will link to the full-sized original.

    This will allow everyone to set things up the way they want them.


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    Thanks. That’s very helpful. I thought something was broken.


    Yeah I have worked it out now. It would be nice for wordpress to announce it on our dashboard so we don’t freak out. Thanks for all the answers!


    I agree about announcements. Sometimes they announce things on the wordpress.com blog http://en/blog/wordpress.com/ but many times they simply appear and we find out about them totally by chance, or a casual reference by staff in a thread here in the forum.

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