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    I’m having trouble with my picture rotation. I took several (lots) pics using a DSLR camera, many of them were in the vertical position. In Photoshop on my computer, I have opened them, tweaked them for color/contrast, rotated them to the correct orientation and then saved them. They show correctly on my computer desktop, and in the Windows picture preview. When I upload them, they are ALL reverting to the old rotation. Very frustrating. Yes, I see that I can rotate them in the WordPress media uploader, but that’s a long process. Any thoughts on what’s going on? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is singaporeadventures.wordpress.com.



    As I mentioned in the other thread, I’m sorry this is happening. Since we aren’t aware of any rotation bugs, I’d really like to try to understand what’s going on here so we can get it fixed.

    Are you saying that you uploaded a photo that you wanted used as-is, but after uploading it, you found it had become rotated incorrectly (i.e. sideways or upside-down)? Does this happen with every single image you upload, or only some?

    Would you mind please showing me an example of a few images where this happened so I can take a look? I will also send you an email so you can attach a few of the originals that I can test with.

    Thanks very much.

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