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  1. Hello,

    On the beginning I'm sorry for my poor english, I'll try to explain may problem.

    My blog, is registered on one of sites, that collect cook recipes ( It always have been downloading pictures from my blog, but for a few days it doesn't do this. Girl from Durszlak';s support wrote to me, that in RSS blog are only fragments of my posts, although the RSS claim that they are
    complete - there are no pictures, and therefore site do not receive them.

    I'd really lite the pictures to show on that site. What should I do then?

    Thank you for answer,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you make a custom excerpt it will show picture(s) in your feed. Without the custom excerpt you see only links to pictures.

    I have set my test site to confit, RSS feed to summary, and made custom excerpts with a picture or two plus a short text to introduce the posts.

  3. I tried. Doesn't work :(

  4. No, is still not showing pictures.

    It does work. Do you see the custom excerpt module?
    One thing might be that you pasted into the custom excerpt module using copy and paste in the Visual Editor. The custom excerpt module is an html (text editor).

    Try this with details:

    • Write your post as usual. At the end, make your custom excerpt with a picture or two and your custom text.
    • Switch to the Text Editor.
    • Cut the code for the picture and custom text from your post.
    • Paste the code into the custom excerpt module.
    • Publish or update.
  5. I've done it and it works! Thank You a lot :)

  6. You are welcome. If you have email subscribers also, then they will see your custom excerpt summary as well. I subscribe to my blogs so I can see what my readers will see as well. It is useful.

  7. One thing I would say, and you may not agree:
    I use a small picture, medium or small size. Readers may not want to scroll down to see the picture. In my opinion, for this use small is good. Do you know the saying, "Great gifts come in small packages."?

  8. I think, You may be right. I'll try next time put medium picture into post. Thanx!

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