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  1. My pictures are all coming up too small. I dont know why

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As in, when you insert them into a post they are too small? Then it's probably that your image isn't large enough in the first place.

    If they are large enough to begin with, then you should be able to see the image pixels when you select an image while editing.

  3. Do you have a specific post or page where this is happening? If so, please give us a direct link, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  4. - I don't know why all of the pics - except the headshot came up SO small! Thank you, Erin

  5. Looking at your code, both images are formatted for WordPress to display them at the full size. My guess then, is that something happens on your ccomputer/device to resize the images.
    For example, Dad in the orange/red shirt is 166x411 pixels. Was that a cell phone image?
    Another example, your headshot is much larger, maybe another camera that takes larger images (277x251).

    Are you using a photo editor of any kind between camera and uploading them?

  6. What is your maximum displayed image width for your theme?
    What are your settings here? Dashboard > Settings > Media

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