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Picture slide show not displaying correctly in IE

  1. Hi.

    Today a friend notified me that the picture slide shows on my blog posts are no longer displaying correctly in her IE. They used to display correctly (bringing up an arrow to tab to the next picture and an ESC button in the top right). Now one picture shows up and others show up below it but you can't scroll down to them. If you click on the picture, it might show the next picture. You have to push the back button to get out since the ESC button doesn't show up. I went home and tried it out on my home computer. It does this same thing on my IE 9.0 and I have a different provider than my friend. It is also messed up on my husband's computer now too, even though it was working correctly just a couple days ago.

    I tried it on Firefox and on Chrome and it works correctly. Help! How do I fix it? This is in regards to I am using the Greyzed theme.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm on a Mac, so I can't check, but what version of IE are they using?

  3. Not sure what version of IE she was using. I have IE 9.0. I will have to ask her tomorrow.

  4. It sounds like there might be a bug then. I'll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will reply soon and get to the bottom of it.

  5. My friend is using IE 7.0 and the images are not displaying correctly for her either in the picture slide show. It used to work correctly.

  6. IE 7.0 is no longer fully supported. It's an outdated browser version. See here:

    We fixed an issue with IE8 for internal linking. We are still working on issues with IE7. (But seriously, using outdated browsers is generally not a good idea. Update your browser!)

  7. Unfortunately my friend that is using IE7 has to since that is what the government is using at her military site!

  8. I'm sorry that's the case. It's too bad that she isn't running Firefox.

  9. The important thing to note is that all of these picture slide shows used to display correctly on both IE7 and I think IE9 (although I might have just upgraded to that recently). It just stopped working correctly in the last few days. The only thing different in the last few days is that we had more traffic to the site and I might have added some posts. Would it display incorrectly if there are too many posts on the main page? The pictures display correctly when you click on the individual blogpost but do not work from the main page anymore.

  10. Also, my husband has IE9.0 and it displays correctly on his laptop but not on his desktop.

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