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    When travelling I post to my blog, with lots of pictures, using Windows Live Writer. I have two issues with that I would like help with:
    1. sometimes one or two of my pictures have become distorted somehow during the posting process, usually becoming very vertically elongated. But if you click on the picture you are taken to the original version of the photo which is not distorted; only its appearance on the blog page is distorted. Look, for example, at a posting dated Feb. 29, 2012 titled “Cabedelo & Joao Pessoa”. A little ways up from the bottom of the posting is a picture of a yellow window with a brown shutter inside, which is obviously a lot taller than the one beside it & looks stretched. If you click on it you will see what that picture really looks like (and how it looked in WLW before I pressed the publish button). That’s the only picture in the posting that was distorted, & I don’t think I did anything different to it. Is there any way to avoid this?

    2. As I mentioned, in the postings I made last year you can click on the pictures & be taken to a view of the original, which is sometimes much larger than the view on the blog posting. But in the postings I have done in the last month clicking on the picture doesn’t do anything. I am now using the 2012 update of WLW, so maybe that has changed this, but if there is any setting I can change, or something I can do differently, to make the click view work again I would appreciate your telling me about it.


    The blog I need help with is baderjournal.wordpress.com.


    I took a look at the post that was giving you the trouble: http://baderjournal.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/belem-brazil/

    I couldn’t see any issues with the images. They look fine on my computer. What browser are you using? I am on Chrome for a Mac.

    As for the issue of linking the images, there is a setting that you can double check to make sure the smaller version of the image links to the full sized version:

    1. Edit one of the posts that has the linking issue (Image won’t link to the full size version.)
    2. In the visual editor, click once on the image to reveal the edit/delete icons.
    3. Click on the “Edit” icon to edit the image settings
    4. In the resulting pop-up window, where it says Link URL, click on the “Link to Image” button and save your changes
    5. Now Update your post, and view the post to see if the image is behaving the way you want it to.

    Did that work for you?



    Thanks for responding.
    1. The distorted picture isn’t in the “belem-brazil” post, it is in the post labeled “Cabedelo & Joao Pessoa” that was posted the same day, but 2 posts before Belem. The distorted pictures occurred only about 1 in 100 times, so you have to look at the picture of the yellow window near the bottom of the post to see it. I am using Firefox on a Windows PC.
    2. I did what you suggested, & it worked for that one picture, so thanks for that. But its not practical for me to do that separately to all the pictures I post, particularly since I will be posting from a cruise ship where internet time is very expensive. Is there a way for me to set the blog to do this automatically with all the pictures I submit, like it used to do?
    Thanks again,


    You mean this post? http://baderjournal.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/cabedelo-joao-pessoa/

    Yes, I see it too. In the HTML for the image is a hight declaration that is much larger than it should be (478 px to be precise) that seems to not belong there.

    How is Windows Live Writer involved in all of this? I mean, how are you using it to post to WordPress. If it is what you are using to create your own HTML, then I think WLW is what is causing the problem, as the image (as it’s uploaded) is the correct dimension.

    To answer your second question, next time you add an image, double check that the “Links To” field is set to “Media File” before you add it. If it is not, be sure you select it. You should only have to do this once, and WordPress will remember this setting for you as you upload new images.

    My guess is that you may have inadvertently set this to something else, Like “Links to: Nothing” and it remembered that setting. That would explain why it mysteriously changed a few months ago.



    Thanks a lot, that seems to work with the picture link. I might well have made the mistake you refer to a few weeks ago when I was having trouble getting WLW to work right & tried a number things (none of which worked until someone on this forum gave me the answer).

    As for the distortion issue, I’m not sure what you mean about using WLW to create my own HTML. I have been using WLW to compose a posting, with text & photos, offline. Then I push the publish button, & it uploads the post to my blog over the internet. I’m not doing anything (consciously, at least) to create HTML, just adding text & photos & uploading. As you note, the image as uploaded is correct, & the image as it appears in the WLW version of the posting (including the version saved on my computer) is also correct; it is only the appearance of the image on the blog page that is distorted. And this only happens intermittently, and not according to any pattern I can detect. All the other pictures in the blog page have the correct appearance, and only the one of the yellow window is distorted, so it would seem there is nothing general I am doing that is causing it. I don’t remember what I did to create that particular picture (I may have cropped it and/or changed contrast or something using the WLW picture controls, as I did with many of these pictures). Its a complete mystery to me, but very frustrating to have lots of folks viewing my picture in that condition, as you can imagine. Any other ideas (he said hopefully)?


    Yes, unbeknownst to you WLW is creating the HTML that is then getting pushed to WordPress.

    Unfortunately I’m all out of ideas, as I have no experience with WLW, but I don’t think the issue is with WordPress here. Sorry.



    OK. Thanks for all your helpl.


    No problem. You may also want to try posting your issue in the Windows Live Writer support forums as well, to see if you can get help on that end. Best of luck.


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