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picture uploader freezes

  1. Argh! I am so frustrated! I hope someone can help!
    When I go to add pictures to my blog...I upload the picture into the gallery fine, but when I click 'insert into post' I can see the picture go into my post in the background, but the pop up freezes and won't go away. Everything in the screen behind it is dulled and I can't click any of the buttons...basically I have to shut the page and I lose my post.

    I really want to resolve this...I don't want to turn to photobucket.
    I'm pretty sure my flash is up to date...I've cleared my cookies and temp internet files...rebooted...I don't know what else it could be.


  2. I hear your pain
    its been going on for a while now for many of us
    your not alone in this woe

  3. ahhh so it's not my computer then!
    why hasn't wordpress fixed it?? it has been occurring for a while now...and it's clearly a basic tool that everyone wants and needs... (don't worry! i'm not expecting you to answer that!)

  4. I too am having this problem. It comes and goes. I've upgraded to the latest version of Flash. I've posted a request for help. I've done a rain dance. Nothing helps. Adding photos is very basic and it is SO ANNOYING that this does not work.

  5. PS.. I'm using Firefox and Adobe Flash Player version

  6. I've tried to offer a partial solution to folks. I'm getting pix up by adding them to the gallery, then clicking "show," copying the image URL from THERE, then going to my post, clicking "insert image" icon, then pasting the URL INTO the field there.

    The photos then show. Is this a kludge? I haven't a clue;-)

  7. barneyl - That is a brilliant suggestion! THANKS!

    I can't wait until the WordPress minds fix the photo situation! I hate posting something without a picture now that I've gotten into adding an image.

    Happy Weekend to all!

  8. This what I do I log out and close my browser and delete the cache and cookies
    and it usually fix sit and it don't I just repeat the steps again... :)

    I'm using Firefox and Adobe Flash Player version

  9. oops goit typing to fast here is what i'm trying to say

    This is what I do I log out and close my browser and
    delete the cache and cookies and it usually fixes
    the problem and if it don't I just repeat the steps again... :)

    I'm using Firefox and Adobe Flash Player version

  10. And like others, I've found it works better with Firefox.

  11. Or maybe because I upgraded to latest Flash? I'll have to try in IE again;-)

  12. yesterday i try to embed a picture to my post...tried everything including non flash uploader...yet picture was not embeded... dont know what is going on??? I think wordpress should drop the flash uploader completely.

  13. That is not going to happen. You are going to have to use one of the existing workarounds.

  14. But why won't it happen? Why are they sticking with it when it quite obviously doesn't work very well? Are people actually working on the problem? Couldn't admin give a progress report? It is impossible to know whether it is just being ignored or whether anyone is doing anything about it.

  15. Ask them. I am so, so tired of being an intermediary for this hostility. I know them; they are NOT going to drop this. Should I just not tell you instead?

  16. I've had the same problem since the "upgrade" a couple months back. It's much more difficult now and I don't post as much anymore since uploading pix is time consuming, frustrating and often just doesn't work.

  17. We are continuing to investigate but don't yet know what the specific circumstances are that cause it. Unfortunately most of the reports we receive include incomplete information.

    lazyaussie, you have several blogs. Does the problem occur on all of them? Does it happen every single time or are there exceptions? What browser and OS version are you using? What Flash version do you have? What kind of image are you trying to upload? Does it happen only after an upload, or from the Media Library tab of the Add Media box also? After it happens, are there any error messages in your Javascript console?

  18. I only have one active one.
    I did all the upgrading flash right at the beginning. I gave all the browser info to support when the window just went white. Now the screen goes dark. Works rarely, but surprises me sometimes by actually inserting. latest Firefox. latest flash, which I updated a long time ago to try and solve this. Windows XP. No error messages. Sometimes there is just the top bar of the insert into post, sometimes a whole blank dark window.

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