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Picture with Text

  1. I would like to have a text under the picture in the post. This text will be something like "photo courtesy of..." or "photo by...". Is that possible? If it is, how can I do it.

  2. as far as I know there's no utility in wordpress for making captions on photos.
    - you can do this on your desktop with an image program like microsoft paint or photoshop and then upload the file with the caption on it
    - there are also other free image tools that watermark and make captions on the net
    - using HTML you have the choice of either the one cell approach or the two cell approach for creating image captions

  3. You can also put it as a line directly under the image if you centre the image and the line, then left-align the rest of your text like normal.

  4. Raincoster, but if I do it in this way, I can't have another text on the side of the picture. The rest of the text of the post should be above or below the picture, right.

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