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Picture won't post side by side

  1. Seems no matter what I do, the photos will stack instead of go side-by-side. Even the thumbnails. Is there a simple solution to this?

    Also, when I write captions or names below photos that are side-by-side from ''before the big change'', the captions run together instead of staying under the photos. Is there a simple solution to this?


  2. What is the address of your blog?

  3. This is the one with the names all jammed together (some photos were posted side-by-side before the change).

  4. And this is the one where the photos stack ...

  5. The post where they stack, the images are within separate paragraph-tags.

  6. On the page where the two actress photos stack, you have each in its own paragraph. Instead of using <p> </p> for each photo, put both photos in that one statement.

    As for aligning each person's name under each photo, I can't think of any easier way than using a table. The first row would be photos, the next row would be names, alternating as such until the end of your gallery.

    I hope this helps. Perhaps the CSS gurus here have a more elegant solution?

  7. I don't know if you are familiar with tables or not. I meant to include this link:

  8. For an example of how I've done this before with tables, scroll down to the photos section at .

  9. Tables are not really a good option - but I'm uncertain how to work the css in wordpress to get that done.

  10. Slightly OT: I use a table on the static front page of my blog [ ]. If there is a better CSS solution, I'd love to know.

  11. I think I am just going to give up seeking help at this point. The problems just multiply. Now it's where I need to un-install and then re-install Flash every time I start a new session. Plus I have to power off.

    I'll just limp along as best I can. Way too much science for this 'ol blogger.


    Thanks for all the input guys.

  12. I think the above comment comes across as ungrateful, which is not how I intended.

    My brain simply will not process this kind of information. It may seem so basic to some, but I get an instant brain freeze. Acronyms mean nothing to me. Processes that involve a number of moves mean nothing to mean. I just can't do it, nor can I afford to pay someone to show me / help me.

    I know many have tried to help, and a few things I have been able to do over a stretch of weeks, and my blog has since fallen into disrepair as I use ALL of my time troubleshooting.

    So, my point was I am just going to dedicate my time to my blog as best I can, and hopefully someday pay someone who can process this kind of information.



  13. Well, things look perfect to me on that blog.

    If you really want to simplify your life, either connect the photos together into ONE photo and THEN upload it so the images post side by side or just center your images. It will save you so much aggravation. I would never bother with tables, myself.

  14. If you don't want to futz around with CSS, another way to put a caption beneath a photo is to do it in your photo editor. Far simpler for me. Enlarge the canvas, but not the photo, and use your text tool to make the text part of the image itself. Save, upload, voila.

  15. Unfortunately, there is no magic drag and drop solution. I rely heavily on my html experience here to force the content into where I want it. I understand your aversion to ripping the guts out under the hood... sometimes it does need to be easier.

    Good ideas about using a photo editor. The email address on my site looks like text, but is actually a photo. There are many other great uses as mentioned above.

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