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    I know there are a million posts on this, but I can’t find one related to my problem. I am able to upload images into my media gallery but once in the gallery I am having a problem getting them into the post. To clarify, from 2 out of the 3 computers I use, they won’t load into the post i am creating, but from the 3rd the do load. From the computers that won’t load


    Sorry, I accidentally hit enter and didn’t finish typing. The 3rd computer loads the images into the post just great, but from the other 2 computers…when I try to upload them from the media gallery, I click “Show” image and select how I want it to be viewed, and then click “insert into post” and the image editor, goes white and freezes. Sometimes I wait thinking it’s just taking a while but it never loads, and on the bottom of the screen I see “done, but with errors”… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



    What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

    When you click on the “done but with errors” message I think it’ll show you an error message. You might have to click “Details” to see it or something like that. There might be more than one message with Next and Prev buttons to see them.

    What do the error messages say?


    I am having the same problem. The image uploads and is in my gallery. 1) I click on it to insert into post I get two screens over riding each other the image list behind the insert into post screen. 2) nothing happens after I choose options and insert into post. I have done everything updated flash and even tried the browser option image will not go into post. I also cleared out cookies and temp files to make sure it wasn’t a browser issue. Please help I can’t find the last topic string so I’m trying for help again here.


    Continued from last message post, However, I am not getting any error messages.



    What browser and version are you using?

    Also, when you choose “add an image”, in the window that comes up, underneath the “choose files to upload” button, in the line of text that says, “You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead,” click on “browser uploader” and you can use the older style non-Flash uploader.



    I generally have to restart the computer to get the image upload to work in FF. I couldn’t see how to add an image in IE as it doesn’t seem to have the add image media buttons above the post like FF.I suppose restarting is clearing the browser cache as has been suggested previously, but I don’t know how to do that.


    I just noticed now that when I search for an image in the Media Library, nothing shows up when I enter a word to search. Under media, it says JPG. And there is no description for it either. But after WordPress updated, I uploaded a couple of pictures to see if everything worked fine and it did. But those show up on the image search in the Media Library and gives a name under media and description. I always labeled each picture very well so it can be easy to find. Do I have to go back and edit each picture now or is it a glitch?


    When I used the browser upload option and uploaded that way, it worked fine. thanks so much!

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