Pictures and Posting a Real Pain

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    I am sure there is a very simple answer to this problem, but for me right now I could not throw Word Press as as far from me as I would love to.

    Please explain to me WHY you write your post, you take the time to insert pictures into the post, they are all down through the post right where you want them, you hit post, and suddenly the pictures are all clustered together with the text part of the post all over the place. How in this world do you get the post to look the way you have written it to look when posted. At this point I am so ready to take Word Press out and simply burn it, it is worthless, why go to all the trouble of writing a post if it is not going to be posted the way it was written??

    Please someone explain this to me.

    Please go to my General Information Page, the pictures were supposed to be in a column with the text discriptions over the top of the pictures, not in a cluster**** willy nilly through out the post. I really hate having to write in every post that this happen in bold red that Word Press is to blame.

    Sincerely Irate Word Press user

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes there’s a very simple answer: setting the image alignment to left or right creates wrapping around. You need to set the alignment to None.


    Right. Simple. If only.


    Yes gardenmakersnw, if you want a column of images alternating with text snippets, you set the image alignment to None or Center – it’s as simple as that. If you have another question, I’ll gladly try to answer.



    Thanks, this will save me loads of grief, however I will ask then when I do set it to NONE, and post a picture, when I go to place a picture beside it, I cannot get the cursor to show up beside the picture. What am I doning wrong?

    Like I tried to do tonight, a picture of a hand caned chair, and the picture next to it a close up of the hand caning in the process.

    I usually use the thumbnail sized pictures on the blog.

    Thank you for your help, I was so irritated tonight after going to all that trouble. but I feel much better now and will go in and change it in the morning. But if you could answer as to why I cannot get the cursor beside the 1st picture to put in the second when using the NONE selection that would be greatly appreciated.



    You’re welcome. Sorry, can’t help with the cursor problem as I cannot reproduce it in my blog.

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