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    Two problems having to do with pictures.
    1. Anytime I upload my pics, once I am through, I can’t close the upload box. I’ll hit the x but the box won’t go down. If I refresh, not only do my pictures not get posted in the blog, but I loose the content of the actual post (if I have not saved a draft). I’m not sure what happened. One day I could post pics, and the next I couldn’t.

    2. Next is I can’t upload pics from other websites. I will use the code they give, like in photobucket or similar sites, so I can share pics, collages,ect and all that appears is the html writing- no picture.


    The blog I need help with is


    Please giva you blog link, starting with http.for answer technical questions.
    Could I now, what what browser and version you’re using.


    I use Firefox and my blog is I also have another blog on here, and the same thing happens with that as well.



    Try the Cookie Dance: log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart computer. Sometimes that clears up the first problem.

    As for the second, we would need to see the code in order to diagnose the problem. Paste it here between backticks so it displays properly and we’ll take a look.


    I’m not sure what backsticks are, but if you go to my page and take a look at my latest entry, you’ll see the html code. The link to the blog is right above your previous comment.


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    To show the code:
    See this, as below the comment box here, to check out what the backtick looks like:

    “You can also put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.”

    It is (in U.S.) on the key before the 1/! key. With the tilde: ~ like this:(`)



    Generally speaking, codes containing “embed” are stripped out here. You need the simple URL of the actual image, which in this case is

    But the REAL issue is, you’re pasting in the Visual editor. You need to click over to the HTML editor before pasting in code.


    You pasted the code in the visual editor. HTML has to be pasted into the HTML tab.

    A word of caution: go back to the site and copy the code again. Do not copy and paste it from the visual editor as it will not work. The visual editor modifies all of the double-quote marks and that ends up breaking the code.


    @rain, that code seems to work since it isn’t the <embed> code. I wondered about that also, but it seems to work.



    Yes, I edited my reply before posting. You can always try it in the HTML editor and see if it happens to work.


    I tried doing it in html, not visual and it worked! Thanks a bunch everyone. I really appreciate it.


    You’re welcome.

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