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Pictures are added very small

  1. Hi!
    Have searched a bit through the last days. Occasionally come across similar problems. Have tried to clear cookies and cach but not working.
    Is this a general problem at the moment? I try to add a picture to my pages and posts, but whatever i do they are added very small and not in the original size. I am using IE9, resize in Photoshop beforehand and then choose 'original size' '300x225'. They are always added way smaller.
    In image gallery they show the right dimensions, but when i try to adjust from the page editor, it shows way smaller dimensions. If i convert from there to original size, it does but the quality detoriates.
    PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dribblingpensioner

    I always download straight to the post and alter in the text editor.

  3. dribblingpensioner

    But i think your pictures look fine in your blog

  4. No the problem is recent! It started yesterday i believe! I think it has been since the update on the 'add media' function! I never had any problems with it.

    I also download straight to the page or post!
    Hope staff can help? Is it a known problem?

  5. dribblingpensioner

    Not with my two blogs.

  6. It justed started working again! Or i am going crazy or it was a temporary problem. Downloaded Firefox, tried it there and it seemed to work there! Went back to IE and it worked there as well...
    Anyway for now i am good to go.. Thanks for the help anyway!

  7. Well, I am glad it's working for some, as for me, I am having that issue. It changes my photos to a really small size, and very frustrating. I can actually go into the html and edit to the correct size, but this is a pain! I even thought of trying it using mozilla, maybe I will. Its been since yesterday or today.

  8. Ok, check this out, for anybody with the same problem. I was not going crazy. It seems that when i want to add a picture to my page or post, the standard setting for size is 'original size 300x225' (that's the original size, because i resize in photoshop beforehand). If i don't touch this setting, the picture is NOT added in 300x225, but really small. But.. i can solve that by changing the setting first to 'thumbnail' and then back to 'original size 300x225'. It then DOES add the picture in 300x225.

  9. is that the same for you gma2lana?

  10. I will give this a try and see what happens.

  11. ok, yes, I tried what you said, and the same results as you. I can get the full size after I hit the thumbnail and back again. At least now I can get that far. Thanks for that tip. I hope they see it as a possible glich and get it fixed.
    [email redacted]

  12. Good to hear it worked the same in your case. It must be a general problem then.
    You know what. I change topic to 'not resolved' ! Hope the staff will go and fix it!

  13. dribblingpensioner

    I use chrome for my blogs and ie for emails, chrome works well with the blogs, tried firefox don't like it.

  14. Thanks infocasaamelia, glad I was able to get this information from you and that the topic has been reset to not resolved!

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