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Pictures are Distorted on Google Chrome

  1. When people get on my website at high resolution on chrome, it stretches out my pictures and makes my blog look strange.

    Here's some screenshots on what happens when people visit the site at 1920x1080 on Chrome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog looks fine in Firefox 4.0.

    But I am going to guess that the problem in Chrome may be that the browser is incorrectly resizing your photos because of their width is to wide.

    your latest picture for example is 800 pixels wide and the space in that theme is 497.

    on the latest image :

    go back to the post editor and click on the photo with your mouse
    two icons side by side show up... the left was is the "edit Image" click on that
    resize the image to 60 percent
    hit update.

    The image will now be correctly within the limits of the blog.

    (When someone clicks you photo it will still open to the origional 800 pixel with that you uploaded--- as that is still the origional file... and Chrome should be able to render the image correctly in the blog view.)

  3. I do not know if this is a factor or not but every theme has a maximum displayed image width. To locate the width tor Ocean Mist consult this list please.

    For troubleshooting images see these entries please >

  4. ~~ dlager
    G'day to you. :)

  5. Good afternoon Timethief = )

  6. Timethief or dlager, do either of you have high resolution monitors? I changed the header on the post I just updated, and I'm wondering if that fixed the problem. I changed the height of the image to 60% and it looks like it worked, but I'm not sure.

  7. The picture look fine to me, I am using Firefox 4.

    I no longer have chrome ( i have to many browsers),

    hopefully who does someone can also take a look:

  8. Sorry I was in last posted. I was in a hurry.

    Using google chrome on this laptop, your latest posted looks correct.

    Those earlier posted pictures on your homepage look still look distorted,
    perhaps if you reduce the sizes of the images they will render correctly.

  9. dlager, what resolution is your laptop at?

  10. ***Should say: I was in a hurry when I last posted.

  11. the resolution of the laptop was 1366 by 768, the recommended resolution of that model.

  12. Okay, well I changed the first two posts' pictures, hopefully they should be sized right. How do they look?

  13. your two latest pictures look good.
    and the one with the dinosaurs is improved, but is still stretched vertically.

  14. Okay, I changed every picture on my blog to 60% height. How does it look overall?

  15. I do not have a high resolution monitor. My screen resolution is the standard 1024x768 used by 36% of the online population. I am using Firefox 4.0 and your images now look fine. :)

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