Pictures are suddenly bigger & comments not visible anymore

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    I have a (private) family-photoalbum on a WordPress blog. Pages give an overview of images available. I upload the images and send them to the editor as a thumbnail, linked to a page. When you click on a small image, you go to a page with a larger image and some text and the possibility to comment, with comments shown under the image itself. Only when you click on the image again, you get the image full size on your screen.

    After being away for a half year or so, I suddenly discovered that the pages with the larger image gives the full size picture right away (in most instances too big for the page with sidebar, so showing only the left part of it) and the comments have disappeared: I just see a link with the number of comments and that link just gives the same page again (I can see all comments on the dashboard-listing, so they are still there somewhere).

    Changing to other themes does not seem to help. Settings seem o.k. (I had not changed them myself anyway). Faq and forums gave me no clue. I created a temporary (not private) blog for trying things out
    From that I learned that deleting the images and uploading them again (a rather tedious job), fixes the problem with image size. But the problem with not being able to comment on the pictures, is still there. Full problem description is on that blog itself.

    Am I overlooking something obvious? Does anybody know what to do? The whole family site is worthless without the commenting option. So I am rather desperate.


    o.k. I worked out a very elaborate work around myself. But it seems to work… most of the time … for the time being …. Recipe is on the site mentioned above.


    Allthough it is terribly quiet here, I can’t rule out that someone reads this this one woman thread. Therefore: I am glad to report that the problem with the comments for attachments has been resolved, thanks to Nick from support and ‘our developers’ as he calls the anonymous welldoers behind the scenes of WordPress. They’re still “digging around to see if there is something up with the image sizes”.



    Good. I guess nobody posted because we couldn’t come up with any thing. And that the issue was on a private blog is yet another layer of complexity, because we can’t see the code or anything. But if someone else has a similar issue in the future, they’ll read this and know to contact staff for help.


    Problem seems to have been solved at the same time as the new dashboard version arrived. Thanks a lot. I removed the above site from view again.

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