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pictures disappearing from posts!

  1. In the past few days I have noticed that images I have uploaded to posts a few days old are disappearing. In the place is the "image name" and when you click on the missing picture it takes you to this: which says "404-file not found."

    I have asked others if they are having trouble viewing the images on my page and have had mixed responses. some can see all and others have images missing as well. is this a problem within wordpress? a problem with firefox?

    does anyone know how i can resolve this so that I can see my blog properly.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same problem on mine. Support is looking into it.

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Did you delete the pictures from your media gallery? if so, that's the reason why.

  4. I want to find, and kill, the person running around telling people that deleting images from their media library is a good idea.

  5. Im on the same boat with ya

  6. susanintoronto

    Heck, same thing. They keep vanishing from the published post. As soon as I reload one pic, another vanishes. Fortunately, I haven't sent out the email yet to my pals to let them know the post is there, but it's time sensitive stuff.

  7. @susanintoronto
    Please post the complete url for your blog starting with http:// so it can be located.

  8. I'm having the same problem. If I clear my browser cache, sometimes the image will show back up, but another image on the page will disappear... it's very annoying considering my site is mostly images.

  9. The site linked to your name isn't a blog and we won't be able to help you with that, sorry.

  10. tangerinesandmarmalade

    Okay, I'm new to wordpress but let me get this straight: you CANNOT delete images from your media library if you want to still have them appear on your blog?

  11. That is correct.
    The media library is where your pictures are stored.
    If you put a picture into a post, then wordpress goes to your library to get it and display it.
    If you deleted the picture from the library, then when wordpress goes to the library to get it. If it is not there, then no picture will be displayed.

    There is plenty of storage with your blog. Thousands of pictures. No need to clean your library!

  12. 1) why would you ever consider doing such a thing?

    2) who told you it was a good idea?

  13. Images are NOT embeded in posts or pages. They are linked to from the post to the original in the media library. The browser sees the image code in the post or page and then retrieves the image and displays it where the code is within the post or page.

    That is the way the web works. Any image, on any page, anywhere on the web, anywhere in the world, has to be exist somewhere on the web or it cannot be displayed.

  14. If you open any post or page on your blog in the editor that has an image, you will see HTML code something like this:

    <img src="">

    That code tells the browser where to find the image so that it can display it in the post or page. If you upload an image to your media library and insert it into a post or page, and then delete that image from the media library, then the browser can no longer retrieve the image to display it. The image does not exist at that location anymore.

  15. tangerinesandmarmalade

    Thank you so much for the information! This techonology stuff is new to me, but you've all been very informative and helpful, so thanks!

  16. tangerinesandmarmalade

    oh and i think i've got it working now but it may just be my computer?
    my blog is
    could someone tell me if my pics are showing up or not?

  17. I see all the images on your blog just fine. I think you have it fixed now.

  18. createandsmile

    The exact same thing is happening to me as of last night. It's strange because the images in my sidebar are all there. The images in all my posts are gone. Even in new posts I I go through the same motions but the image will not show. I get the same "404-file not found" message. I've tried the clearing browser's cache/force refreshing, backup and recover on my system and nothing has worked. I've emailed the issue to tech support a couple of times and have heard nothing as of today.

  19. createandsmile

    To, I can see your images on your blog. Would you do the same for me? Thx

  20. I have the same problem, but my pictures will pop up if you press on them, but i want it visible in the txt when you view it, not only when you press on them. it didnt use to be a problem before, is there something im doing wrong or? thanks

  21. Well..If you put a picture into a post, then wordpress goes to your library to get it and display it.

  22. AnnetteVindenes your blog has too much on the front page; you need to reduce the number of images that it's trying to display at once. What's happening is your connection is giving up before the pictures load, because their sheer number is choking it.

    The easiest way to do this is to reduce the number of posts displayed at any given time. Reduce it to ten or fewer and the problem should clear up; you do that on the Settings->Reading page of your dashboard.

  23. I'm having the same problem. Images disappearing. I just opened a new blog yesterday. I posted one photo yesterday. When I posted a new photo today, the image in yesterday's post disappeared. After refreshing the page several times, the photo reappeared. I've had a similar problem on another blog and the photos never reappeared. I had to load them again. What's going on? I have not deleted the photos from my media gallery, so that's not the problem, and I have only two photos on the page. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  24. Same problem here. Every image uploaded to the media gallery. I did not delete or modify the posts or pages in any way. Randomly wordpress decides some of my pictures are not worth it apparently and it does not display them anymore. Going back to the media library they are not displayed there either. Again this happens without me touching media library in any way whatsoever. It appears to me that images are actually deleted from the library randomly by some bug. It might also be related to the use of the mobile version? I haven't got a clue but is deffinitely annoying!

    Blog in case is

  25. It might also be related to the use of the mobile version?

    The problem you are experiencing could be a browser issue.

    (1) Which browser and version of it are you using?
    (2) Have you used these troubleshooting techniques? If not, please do so now.
    (3) Have you tried viewing your blog using another browser?

  26. (4) What kind of mobile are you using?

    Please understand that in order to help you details are required and there's no such thing as providing too many details.

  27. (5) What are the URLs of the posts wherein you are witnessing the disappearance of images?

  28. would be one of the URLs and it is the second time it happens.

    Firefox, Safari or Chrome on SnowLeopard/ MacBook Pro and Safari on my iPhone (latest OS). Last week on the same page, I tried "fixing" what I thought to be a simple linking problem, to actually discover that images in cause were also missing from the media library (they were still listed but no thumbnails and no actual files either). I was using temporarely a PC running XP and Firefox. I only solved the problem home by re-uploading the two missing jpegs.
    My apologies for starting another thread... You can kill it if you wish.

  29. I left adolescence behind many years ago, lol .. I never wish anyone dead :) You have now posted more information that Staff can use to help you. That's a good thing to do as they monitor these forum threads.

  30. Also note that only Staff can "kill" threads by deleting or locking them. :)

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