pictures disappearing from posts!

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    Well..If you put a picture into a post, then wordpress goes to your library to get it and display it.



    AnnetteVindenes your blog has too much on the front page; you need to reduce the number of images that it’s trying to display at once. What’s happening is your connection is giving up before the pictures load, because their sheer number is choking it.

    The easiest way to do this is to reduce the number of posts displayed at any given time. Reduce it to ten or fewer and the problem should clear up; you do that on the Settings->Reading page of your dashboard.



    I’m having the same problem. Images disappearing. I just opened a new blog yesterday. I posted one photo yesterday. When I posted a new photo today, the image in yesterday’s post disappeared. After refreshing the page several times, the photo reappeared. I’ve had a similar problem on another blog and the photos never reappeared. I had to load them again. What’s going on? I have not deleted the photos from my media gallery, so that’s not the problem, and I have only two photos on the page. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.



    Same problem here. Every image uploaded to the media gallery. I did not delete or modify the posts or pages in any way. Randomly wordpress decides some of my pictures are not worth it apparently and it does not display them anymore. Going back to the media library they are not displayed there either. Again this happens without me touching media library in any way whatsoever. It appears to me that images are actually deleted from the library randomly by some bug. It might also be related to the use of the mobile version? I haven’t got a clue but is deffinitely annoying!

    Blog in case is



    It might also be related to the use of the mobile version?

    The problem you are experiencing could be a browser issue.

    (1) Which browser and version of it are you using?
    (2) Have you used these troubleshooting techniques? If not, please do so now.
    (3) Have you tried viewing your blog using another browser?



    (4) What kind of mobile are you using?

    Please understand that in order to help you details are required and there’s no such thing as providing too many details.



    (5) What are the URLs of the posts wherein you are witnessing the disappearance of images?


    Member would be one of the URLs and it is the second time it happens.

    Firefox, Safari or Chrome on SnowLeopard/ MacBook Pro and Safari on my iPhone (latest OS). Last week on the same page, I tried “fixing” what I thought to be a simple linking problem, to actually discover that images in cause were also missing from the media library (they were still listed but no thumbnails and no actual files either). I was using temporarely a PC running XP and Firefox. I only solved the problem home by re-uploading the two missing jpegs.
    My apologies for starting another thread… You can kill it if you wish.



    I left adolescence behind many years ago, lol .. I never wish anyone dead :) You have now posted more information that Staff can use to help you. That’s a good thing to do as they monitor these forum threads.



    Also note that only Staff can “kill” threads by deleting or locking them. :)



    Yep… I’m also 16 with 26 years experience…:-)


    Hey there

    i’m running in to the same problems – i tried recreating the post twice and still missing pictures – they are in my gallery and all and when i click them i get the 404 message.

    i cleared my cache – forced refreshes and reuploaded the pictures yet i’m still running into the same problems …..

    i’m running on IE 7.0 – my blog is any help would be most welcome!



    We need a link to the exact post, plus the URLs of the images from your media library. Have you tried the suggestions in this thread?


    @raincoster – yes i tried the suggestions in the post and niente piu

    wrote to the support group and this was their response:

    Hello. It looks like the photos you are using in that post were deleted from your Media Library at some point. I see in your Media Library that you have files with similar filenames, but because they were the same file uploaded more than once, they received a different filename in our system. Can you try re-inserting the pictures from your Media Library and see how that works for you? Please let me know if I can help further. —

    this worked like a charm for me

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