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Pictures don't show at all on mobile version of Theme Twenty Fourteen

  1. Hello,

    I switched to the theme twenty fourteen few days ago. It's a nice theme, however, I found that all my pictures in the post cannot been seen on the mobile version... no matter the picture was upload to the sever or using a outside link.

    I really like this theme, please help me solve this problem, I don't want to change the theme again.........

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you link a post in which the images can't be seen in the mobile phone?

  3. Thanks for reply. I checked the post again tonight,. Looks the pics I upload to wordpress can be seen now, but outside links still cannot work. This was published after I used Twenty Fourteen theme. And all my pics are linked to google photos. This post was published before I switched to Twenty Fourteen, outside linked pics are good in both mobile version and PC web version.

    Thanks again.

  4. Are you using Safari on an iPhone or iPad? I tested your post with Google photos in Safari on Mac and they aren't being displayed there, either.

    In fact, if I try to open one of your Google image URLs directly in Safari I get a Google login page, so the issue seems to be on Google's side.

    I'd suggest either importing the photos into your media library directly to avoid this problem, or contacting Google to see if there's any workaround on that side.

  5. Thank you Kathryn, I tried several tests on different phones and web browsers after I saw your reply.
    I recon the problem might not related to google photos, because I use total same settings with all photos in old posts and they are displaying well in every device and browser, while, for the new posts, I can view the pictures in chrome on iPhone or android devices, but I cannot see pictures in Safari on any apple devices. So I could only recon the problem might be that twenty fourteen theme has something wrong with displaying outside linked pics in Safari. But still cannot explain why the old posts are not effected........

  6. Update´╝ü

    Just after I replied above, I just tried again, and everything is perfectly good now. Still don't know why but thanks again!

  7. I'm seeing the images in Safari as well. Is it possible the images were set to be displayed only when logged into a Google account or did you not change anything on that front?

  8. I have no idea, and I really didn't change anything...

  9. Strange indeed. Hopefully thing stay stable now.

  10. I'm not sure it's a similar topic but my site, theme 214, looks different on an ipad or iphone vs. laptop. The side menu gets pushed under the picture and the top menu can only be accessed after clicking on an icon (horizontal lines) in the right corner. Is there anything I need to do to make my display recognize the different formats? Thanks.

  11. bena8040 -

    The side menu gets pushed under the picture and the top menu can only be accessed after clicking on an icon (horizontal lines) in the right corner.

    That's the expected display on smaller screens - Twenty Fourteen, like other responsive themes, adapts automatically to different sized devices. The icon menu is a standard feature of mobile sites, as is the sidebar at the bottom.

    If you need further help, could you please start a new thread? Thanks!

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