Pictures drop out of posts

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    They will be there for days and then suddenly they’re gone, with only a blank box, a red x, and the name of the picture appearing.



    It’s most likely that you have a browser issue. I can see all your images very clearly. I use a firefox 1.5.7 browser. Firefox browsers display our blogs best.
    Here are two threads from the FAQs that may be helpful



    It’s most likely that you have a browser issue.

    Um, no. Not really. But without seeing the issue as per below, there’s little to go on.

    Please point us as a post where the issue is occuring. The red x’s is only displayed normally in IE and many of us don’t use that browser.

    I see a number of photos fine on your site but without knowing where the missing ones are, there’s little we can help with.


    I couldn’t leave the space blank so I re-uploaded a thumbnail, which shows up fine. I also tried deleting the file, then I tried reloading it full size and the same thing happened (it was blank), so I just left the thumbnail.
    Could this be a storage size issue already?
    Or should I upload the full size photo so you can take a look? When is a good time to do that?


    I just reloaded the full size photo, and of course, it now loaded itself and looks fine.
    The problem happened around midnight last night, was still a problem this morning, and this evening seems to have resolved itself.
    Thank you for trying to help.
    (the problem was on the post title Clubfoot and is the large photo).

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