pictures have disappeared on my blog!

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    All of my pictures older than 2010 have disappeared!
    The 2009,2008 & older have all disappeared! I can see all of the others but not these ones!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Because your blog is high-rez, very large images, and tons of them, AND your blog is on Infinite Scroll, I think they are still there but no computer has enough RAM to load them, as it would have to load all your previous images from all your previous posts too.

    Can you see them if you go directly to the posts in question? If not, please give us a direct link.



    Looking at this post it looks to me that you were hosting those images someplace other than on your site (pixelpipe?).


    YES! I suspect your right! It was fine with the theme I was using,but have since switched themes! I suspect that by doing that,my new theme does not recognize my uploades from Pixelpipe? Which I do not use anymore!
    Thank you Jennifer!!



    You’re welcome, but just to clarify there shouldn’t be any change to visibility of those externally hosted images when you switch themes here, i.e. it’s not the switch in themes that caused the problem. It’s more likely there is something is wrong at the pixelpipe end, which, of course, we can’t help with.


    So what your saying than,is that I shouldn’t be alone? If something went screwy at Pixelpipe,than logic dictates that thousands of people just lost tens of thousands of shots as well??
    The shots were fine a few weeks ago! Does this mean that I will have to go back & redo all of them individually?
    I have a suspicion that whatever caused this,is only happening to me?
    Have you heard of anyone else losing there shots in the last bit? It should be all over the net if it did,but I cannot find anything,which tells me…… only happened to me!
    I suspect I will have to re-enter all of those shots one by one AGAIN. I wish I had never used that Pixelpipe!!
    Thanks Jennifer



    Looking at the pixelpipe site, it looks like it uses some kind remote posting and, honestly, I don’t know if it was fully supported here at But, if the images were working previously on your site, they should continue to work unless something changed at pixelpipe’s end. It could be temporary, it could be permanent. You might want to contact them.

    Using external services to host your site’s pictures has advantages and disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage of course is if the service itself goes away, like PicApp did and hundreds of bloggers here found themselves with broken image links n their posts.

    By the way, if you suspect changing your theme is what broke the image links, why not live preview your site using your earlier theme and see if the images return. If they do, I’ll be happy to flag this for Staff attention.


    Good idea Jennifer about trying the live view & yes,I tried that yesterday. For whatever reason,it only showed a few months in the widget for “Archives”!
    I use to use “Motion”& only suspect that that may be the cause??
    Not really sure what I can do, other than start over again!
    Pixelpipe was recommended by a friend. I stopped using it because it limited the size of the shot on the blog! I didn’t realize that the shots were stored outside of WordPress by Pixelpipe?
    Live & learn……

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