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Pictures have messed up in blog posts...

  1. It seems that the first image I post in a blog post has replaced every other photo in the rest of the blog, I thought it'd had done it with just the one post but it seems to do it in every single post I make?

    When I go to edit the post all the photos are there, but when I click back on view post it's still messed up.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having this problem too.

  3. baronesacharlus

    Me too.

  4. kerrymurrayphotography

    aaah! me too, and my blog is having a huge traffic day today too! why!?!?!? please help!

  5. I'm getting the same in most of my old posts with multiple pictures - if you click on the picture the correct one comes up, but it's the wrong picture showing up in the post. See this post for example. What's going on?

  6. kerrymurrayphotography

    both my blogs are doing this... whats going on?! and

  7. I'm experiencing the same problem with my WordPress site, as well: null

  8. Thank God it's not just me! I was sort of panicking that I messed something up.

  9. Um.... yeah. Mine's doing the same thing.

    FIX IT!!!!! I've had my blog for over a year, a story one, with over 70 chapters!! >:(

  10. Helllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo, WordPress officials? Please work on it.


  11. Sorry, the link to my pages above didn't reproduce properly. Here it is again:

    This is obviously a widespread problem, and seems to have just started a few minutes ago. But here's a reassuring note: Unlike Yahoo, where customer service is atrocious, and Facbook, where it's nonexistent, WordPress Support is quick to respond and quick to repair bugs. With so many people having this difficulty, odds are good that WP Support staff will be on the case tout de suite.

  12. fallingstar1284

    I'm having the same problem too. It must be a wordpress-wide bug!

  13. mochagirlsread

    Hey what is up my pics have just messed up big time? HELPP!!

  14. Having the same problem! Please resolve this quickly!

  15. True. WordPress is usually good about responses and fixing things. Sorry about my above posts, I just panicked and was ticked off. >_>

  16. southwarknotes

    Images gone crazy. Repeaing too!

  17. mochagirlsread

    ooh and i had crazy traffic the last two days

  18. Same thing with me! I'm glad I didn't mess anything up but I'm hoping this will be resolved quickly!

  19. In the last couple of hours I was creating a new post with multiple photos, and during 'mid-stream' editing, I saw the same error posted by the original-poster above. I thought I was coding things incorrectly!

    I then checked a published post with multiple photos, and I saw the same error, where the 2nd and subsequent images appeared the same as the 1st.

    ( hosted blog, Twenty Eleven theme)

  20. I am having the same problem hope that it can be sorted soon. Thanks

  21. ack me too! glad i'm not the only one!

  22. I am having the same problem--please let it be fixed soon! Grazie!

  23. yup, Im having the same problem too...

  24. mikkoatakkunen

    Same happened to me at

    So glad i'm not the only one!!!

    I can see them fine in the editing phase but the 'live' site has the top photo of the most recent post replacing all the photos...

  25. Same here:

    Its very annoying. Please fix soon!

  26. Mine is all messed up too...I hope the issue is resolved soon.

  27. After seeing those posts, I looked at a couple of my articles that I knew had more than one picture and my blog is also doing it.

  28. Same here:

    But just my first post are ok!!!!

  29. themiddlestsister

    Mine, too. Since my blog is a webcomic, it's kinda ruining the joke.

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