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Pictures have messed up in blog posts...

  1. I finally got it to post! I had to take the caption off of it! THIS IS NOT GOOD!

  2. we are also having major issues with our photo alignment. if you're in the editing window then it looks fine but once you go to preview all the photos have been enlarged and are completely scrambled. help!

    also, lately we have been having huge issues trying to get writing underneath pictures to stay there. they ALWAYS creep up beside the pictures. nothing is working. help!

  3. lately we have been having huge issues trying to get writing underneath pictures to stay there. they ALWAYS creep up beside the pictures

    Don't use the icons for text wrap if you do not want the text to wrap. Instead center the images to keep the text from wrapping. image alignment

  4. Just saying ... when there is a widespread issue with images that Staff are working on I wouldn't be mucking about with my images at all. I'd want them to know I have the issue and exactly what it is and then I'd get out of the blog and do something else.

  5. my site is still not working....hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow...

  6. birgittahoglundsmat

    All my pictures are at 100% too, tried to post one with 17 pictures right now. I always make them in different size, think it looks much better that way ;)
    Hope WordPress will fix it ASAP.

  7. I do apologize about this. We're currently looking into the issue.

  8. We have tracked down and squashed the offending bug, so everything should be functioning properly now.

    Please let us know if you run into any more trouble!

  9. birgittahoglundsmat

  10. You're welcome!

  11. thanks so much, you guys really are the best when it comes to customer support, completely unparalleled. and considering that this is essentially a free service, it just makes you even more amazing.

  12. Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! :)

  13. While in our case, at least, WordPress is not entirely free (we pay for a number of extras such as Videopress, Custom CSS and additional space), I DO agree with and echo what luispiteira wrote about WordPress' customer support: It is always quick to respond (even on holidays), polite, genuinely caring, efficient, and perhaps most important of all, roots out problems with breathtaking dispatch — leaving the equivalent departments of other online communications forums (particularly ones starting with the letters F and Y) in the dust!

    Thank you, WordPress, for your meticulous attention to detail, and for actually listening to your service's users. Again to reiterate a point made by luispiteira, you guys are truly the best.

  14. And, thank you too! :)

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