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Pictures In Categories Disappear

  1. When I post pictures in a post they appear on the home page; however, when I click on a category to view the various posts, both the pictures and the formatting (i.e. bold print) is not there. What happened? I need to have pictures appear on both the home page and the various categories.


  2. That is a function of how the themes designer coded his/her theme and not anything that comes from

    For reference, most theme designers make the category pages (and monthly archive pages) display this way for brevity sake.

    If a reader calls up a category archive that contains a large amount of entries having pics displayed and the full post would be very slow loading. In most cases the pics are stripped out and only an excerpt is displayed.

    You can submit a feedback to the powers that be. But your request, if granted, would effect all users selecting the same theme. Whether or not it would be granted is a function of how many desired the same thing.

  3. Hmmm...I may have to change themes because my blog is meant to show both the posts and the pictures that amplify and illustrate them. A month from now when a person goes into a larger category to see what's there, he will no longer be able to see the pictures that accompany the individual posts. Am I correct in thinking this? Do you know of any themes that allow viewing posts and pictures together in their respective categories?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  4. I've changed to Green Marinee. It allows the pictures to remain in the categories. However, Marinee seems to have some poor English usage. It refers to an entry having been posted on "The March 15th, 2006." I also think that the various sections (Pages, Associates, Search, etc.) do not need "THE" in front of them - seems redundant.

    I've contacted the author and pointed this out to him, as well as all of the wonderful things I find on his template. I like it.


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