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    I added some pictures to a page on my blog as a college and they are so large that they are overwhelming the page. How can I change the size of pictures once they are in a college? I can change the pictures’ sizes when they are on the page individually but i don’t know how when they are in the college. My blog theme is Edin if that’s important.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, are you talking about the Galleries in this page?

    Galleries utilize the entire width of the content area, so if you are using the full page layout in Edin, that is 930 pixels wide. If you have a smaller number of images, you will see them larger if you pick any of the Gallery options other than Thumbnail where you can pick Thumbnail, Medium or Large for images. I see that the images themselves are not very big, so maybe try playing with the Gallery settings to see if there is a different arrangement you prefer. You can learn more about working with the Gallery feature here.

    Let us know if you have any other question after that.


    Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed help with.

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