Pictures in Gallery–Do they have to remain there?

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    Do I have to keep uploaded pics in my gallery forever in order to have them show up with the posts they were posted with?



    Yes. If you delete the file, then the posts that show the images won’t have the files to show.

    So if you delete the images, the posts won’t be able to show the pics.



    Why would they intermittently display the pics, even the ones no longer in my gallery then? Even after clearing cache, refreshing browser, etc?

    It seems very erratic…


    One possibility is that they may be cached on some of the servers. operates multiple servers in multiple data centers, and the content may be provided by different servers from one request to the next. If a server has it cached, it uses its existing copy and doesn’t look for the original file. If it doesn’t happen to have a copy in cache, it will then go look for the original.



    OK, am gonna replace them all now. This better not happen again after that. This is gonna take all freaking day!!!

    I must have missed the fine print where it said you have to keep pics in gallery in order to show up on posts. :(

    If it’s my error, I apologize for my grumpiness.




    Yeah, if you upload a picture with the same name, then the cache won’t update for some reason. I’ve had the same problem, so I usually delete the image and upload one with a different name.


    I’d expect they’ve got a pretty long expiry time on cached images, so that the servers don’t have so much overhead to retrieve things that they don’t expect will change often. If they don’t have the upload set up to force the expiration of the cached versions, then it may be quite a while before the propagation happens.



    OK, I’ve officially replaced all my freaking pictures. It’s all working perfectly right now. :D Mark this in your calendars!! lol

    Attention all WordPress bloggers: DO NOT EVER CLEAN OUT YOUR GALLERY.

    Thanks everyone. Now then… ya’ll gotta come visit me! ;)


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