Pictures in my blog changed to bigger size in the blog

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    When I go to my blog all my pictures changed to the original size, I never change that, I don´t know what happen if the blog size has change or what, but I don´t know how to fix it, when I try to edit one post, the picture are in a smaller size just the way I created the post.. someone knows what happens? or what can I do?

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff have made some changes and some blogs have had this issue. I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they can correct the issue for you shortly.



    The same thing’s happened with my site ( – all images were the same size before. Any help getting them back as before would be appreciated. Thanks.



    same thing here: please help!



    Probably fastest for you to contact staff directly from your dashboard Help button.


    I had the same problem and found a way to resolve it. I went to edit each post, highlighted the content then clicked on the eraser button which removes formatting and updated. Most of them have gone back to normal although I had to do it individually which was really time consuming but when most of your posts are highly dependant on images it was necessary.



    Yikes, it happened to me, too. I dread having to go back to each individually, so I would love to see a fix for all. I’ll also try raincoaster’s suggestion to contact staff directly.



    marionkatrina’s fix of “removing formatting” didn’t work for me. It changed the photo placement and border choice, which caused the post to look worse.




    Thanks, timethief. My request for support was handled right away, but their first attempt to fix did not work. I’m trying to stay optimistic that it can be fixed, but I’m starting to become a little worried.



    Thanks marionkatrina, the reformatting worked like a dream.



    Let’s try to keep everything at the forum thread linked to above. There are quite a few duplicate requests floating around, and the more time we spend fixing the same blog more than once, the longer it takes to get to newly reported blogs.

    If you have already reported your blog in the thread linked to above, it has been fixed.

    If not, please post your blog URL on that thread and we’ll get to it ASAP.

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