Pictures in protected posts arent protected

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    If I upload a picture to a password protected post, the picture is not really protected. When you click on the SNAP frame on the picture, it leads to an absolute direction for the figure which is not protected, and can thus be indexed by search engines. So be careful! If you post a figure of your family in a protected post, that figure is not really protected, unless the wordpress gang do something about it. By the way, i really dislike the SNAP feature. Any way to get rid of it?



    You can shut the damn thing off => Presentation => Extras
    uncheck the checkbox – Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog, and then click “Update Extras”



    Thanks! I got rid of the SNAP thing, but still, figures and any files uploaded remain accessible in the web, no matter if its a protected post. Any computing ignorant like me may be posting “protected” figures without not knowing that they are available. For example, this figure

    belongs to a protected post in

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