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    Hi Everyone,

    I have uploaded a picture to my profile, and now it seems that every entry on my RSS feed has this picture to the right. I’m using Netvibes as my RSS reader, and this is where I see this behavior. This is the case even if a specific blog post has a different image in it. It still shows my profile picture next to the RSS entry of this post.

    I’ve looked at other blogs feeds, and I’ve noticed that they show different images to the right of each RSS entry, images that come from the actual post they belong to.

    I would like to have this behavior in my blog too – that the picture shown next to the RSS entry will be taken from the post, and not from my profile. In addition, if there is no image in a post, I would prefer to have an empty space (and not show my profile picture again…)

    Is this possible? It really looks bad showing my picture next to each entry :-(

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    What would be useful is for us to look at the feed in another reader so that we can see if it is an issue with the reader.



    Thanks so much for the quick reply!
    i actually couldn’t find any other reader with this feature (all of them simply show the titles of the entries or the entires themselves without an accompanying image).
    Any help is more than welcome…



    Sorry we can not help you since your site is not a site
    you will need to direct your question over at the [ Forums]



    Hi Teck07,

    why do you say my site is not a site?
    here’s the address:

    Thanks in advance,



    Please change the link on your name to that blog; external sites will get you the answer teck gave you. It just saves everyone time if we can see the blog you’re talking about from the start.



    @rain, Too true.

    @Elad-achi, because of security issues (I’ve heard), images are stripped out of RSS feeds. Could you give us a link to the RSS feed you want to put in an RSS widget on your blog?



    Oh, I see now, I didn’t know my personal website is what appears on my name’s link.
    I’ve updated my profile and I hope it’s ok now :-)

    The link to the feed is:

    Thank you all for your good will and willingness to assist!



    It must be how NetVibes is set up. I use Firefox’s built in reader and there are no pics there, nor if I subscribe with Google Reader or add you to my Google homepage.

    If I subscribe to your blog feed in my Blog Surfer, your Profile picture shows up next to your name along with your latest Post’s pictures.

    B’kitzur, don’t think there’s really anything we can do on the user end to change how our Feeds are picked up by various services. I’m sure I’ll be corrected shortly if I’m wrong.



    Thanks again, Jennifer, for being so responsive.

    The mystery can be seen in the following link:
    – you can see how Netvibes show my feed VS. another blog who is also WordPress based.
    My big question is what am I doing different than this other blog who gets the expected result.

    Originally I thought that it might be just the fact that I’ve uploaded a profile image and he didn’t, so I tried removing my profile image but unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to do so. Does this make any sense at all? Is it possible to remove the profile picture somehow?



    Why not contact the other blog?



    It looks to me that Bentzi doesn’t have a profile photo uploaded. I subscribed to his blog and the avatar next to his name is the generic avatar. Problem is, I don’t see any way to delete a profile photo once you’ve uploaded one.


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