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    Hello, I’d like to add picture sin my side bar on I’m using wordpress.COM with the theme Thirteen. How do I do this? I’d like to add pictures like they did on this website:'Thanks for your help folks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Just use the image widget, that is the easiest way.


    Actually I should have looked. They have their images hosted on Flickr and are using the Flickr widget.



    The wordpress image widget does not seem to work on this Theme, when I put it, it deletes all that I have on my current sidebar, I wanted to ADD a picture AND keep the current categories I have now


    If you have not yet added anything to the sidebar what you are seeing is a theme generated sample set of widgets just so that you know what it looks like.

    Just add in the widgets that you want in the sidebar, categories, links, etc.


    And Panos beat me to it.



    I must be really stupid. I still don’t understand. I repaste my website URL here: As you see, I already have stuff in the sidebar, and I want to keep it. I just want to add a Section just above the Meta section, I would call it Currently Reading, and under that I want to paste a few pictures, one under the other, of covers of books I am currently reading. thanks for your patience guys with me



    Guys, I still can’t work it out: I did try the flickr widget, it did add pictures in the sidebar, BUT it deletes ALL my current sidebar. What I want is ADD some pictures in the sidebar, AND keep all that’s currently on my sidebar. again my blog is:
    I’ve tried also with the text widget, all that I try always deletes my current sidebar.
    so tell me is there a way to ADD pictures AND KEEP my current sidebar, if so HOW, or is it just impossible with that theme? if it’s the case, would there be other themes which would support this?? Thanks


    If you have not yet added any widgets to the sidebar, what you are seeing is simply a sample display of widgets created by your theme. Once you add a widget, that sample set will go away. All you have to do is add the widgets you want into the sidebar and arrange them as you desire.



    no I HAVE tried to add them. but as I keep saying, each time I add one, all the rest of my sidebar disappears. why is that?? so I delete it to get back to my original sidebar with all its categories, that I definitely wan to keep. is there someone out there able to teach a dummy??


    Apparently you didn’t read the post I linked to or thesacredpath’s explanations.

    Just ADD the widgets you want. ALL the widgets you want (Flickr + Links + Recent Posts + Archives + Blog Subscriptions + Blog Stats).



    Panaghioti, Glory be to God, thanks for insisting. I HAD read your explanation, but did not understand then that by adding all these, they would appear as the way I had already configured; for instance, if I add the widget Categories, that all my categories would be there. I thought it would be like restarting from scratch, but I tried with one, and it did work!
    As you mention in your post that beginners are taken aback, yes I sure was, maybe it might be good to specify that the widgets they will add will show as the way they had populated them, or whatever the technical word is.
    So thanks a million, and I will now work on inserting my pictures.
    God bless you.

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