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Pictures in slideshow are stretched

  1. I have a page called "Pictures" on my page. Go check it out to see what I mean. Almost all my pictures are stretched to fit the box the slideshow is in. Most are. When I first did the slideshow, they were fine. They are different sized, but they showed they were different sizes. They didn't try to fit the screen. A few days later, my sister said they were stretched out. I looked again, and they were fine. Now I see it, and most of the pictures are stretched to fit the slideshow box. Why? I didn't change the settings, and all the settings are the same for all the pictures. So why would most of them be stretched and some not be? Go check it out to see what I mean. The first picture isn't stretched, from what I see, but the second two are clearly not the right size. What can I do to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Help?

  3. I'm finding the same thing on my blog, but it shows up as working correctly in Firefox--just not Chrome or Safari. Any help on this would be wonderful.

  4. Tn slideshow is automatically resizing to fit the maximum displayed image width in your theme and that's exactly what it's expected to do. However, I don't see any loss of image quality and stretching at all. I'm using Firefox 15. Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  5. Note that supports the latest stable version of the browser found here and that you can upgrade any browser at that link.

  6. @yerilopez
    Please post an active link starting with http:// to your blog as it's not linked to your username.

  7. thanks for the response. i've put the pictures in a gallery because they are not showing up well in browsers outside of firefox (i have the latest chrome and safari installed), but i can insert a slideshow for my newest post for you to look at:

    oddly, one picture shows up correctly while the others are stretched. i've tried various sizes for the images, but with no change.

  8. I don't use either Chrome or Safari and will flag this thread for Staff attention.

  9. thanks a lot, i'll leave the slideshow up for their attention.

  10. I assume you're referring to the slideshow at ?

    If so, they appear just fine for me in Safari 6 and Chrome 21.0.1180.89

    Please make sure that you're running the most up-to-date versions of each browser.

  11. i've got the same up-to-date browsers, but i'm running a retina macbook, and only the first image is displaying normally. all the others in the slideshow are distorted.

    i just checked on an air, and the pictures look fine. what about a retina pro would be causing that problem, but not affect any other images?

  12. i can post an image capture if you'd like, but i swear i'm not hallucinating.

  13. Yes, please do take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your dashboard so I can take a look. Meanwhile, I'll see if can get one of my colleagues with a retina display to take a look.

  14. Please take a screenshot and upload it to your Media Library for Staff to view. Then return here and provide the file name.

  15. here is the link:

    not a great grab, i apologise, but you can tell that the image is stretched out if you compare it to the slides on a "normal" computer.

  16. Thanks, that does help. We're looking into this.

  17. You're all fixed up now, sorry for the trouble!

  18. awesome, works like a charm now. i hope the OP's problem was solved, too.

  19. You're welcome!

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