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Pictures in text

  1. i was wondering, i know you can put pictures in the text widgets. but they always turn into links for me :/ is there any way so there just normal pictures? or to make them link to the home page maybe?

  2. Here is the easy way.
    (1) Pre-size the image on your own computer making sure it will be small enough to be accommodated in the sidebar without breaking the blog layout.
    (2) Turn off the visual rich text editor here on this page -> Users -> Your Profile
    (uncheck the checkbox and then click "Update Options" to save)
    (3) Go to -> Write -> Post
    upload the image from your computer using the "browse" button
    Select "full size" and click "send to editor"
    (4) The image code will now appear on the post - Copy the image code
    (5) Save the post as a draft just in case you need to use it again
    (6) Go to -> Presentation -> Widgets
    select a text widget, drag it from the "Available widgets" box into the "Sidebar" box
    (7) click on the blue and white icon on the upper right corner of the text widget to open it and Paste the image code into it
    (8) click the X to close the text widget and then click "Save Changes"
    (9) View your blog - the image should be in your sidebar
    (10) Delete the draft post.
    (11) Turn the visual rich text editor back on.

  3. Also take note of these illustrated instructions fom the FAQs

  4. thank you ^_^ that helps allot

  5. cooooooooooooooOl

  6. @matthewthief
    You're welcome. :)

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