Pictures in the post not showing

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    My banner (uploaded to WP) isn’t showing. This is the second time it’s happening and it hasn’t been showing for some time now. What do I do?

    Oh, and I’m using Firefox. Would that have anything to do with it or is it a WP problem?



    Blog url? It makes it easier to find the problem…


    Is this your blog?

    Firefox shouldn’t be an issue, as that’s what WP recommends we use. And it’s missing on IE when I have a look too. There’s been a problem with custom headers recently, though, so if it’s the same issue you’ll probably have to notify staff to let them know about the problem.


    Yes. That’s my blog.

    Okay, thanks, I’ll contact them.



    If you have the CSS upgrade you can’t use the regular uploader, because the CSS overrides it. You need to edit the CSS and put the URL of the header in where it belongs.

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