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pictures in widget text and Flickr

  1. watercolorstudies

    I have read everything I could in FAQ and in the Forum about inserting pictures into Widgets on the sidebar. In both Flickr and Text, I get wording but no visible pictures. In Flickr, I can click on the name and get the associated picture. In othe WordPress blogs I see the actual picture. I tried to load a picture into a Text side bar and only get the name without the ability to click on it for the picture. I would like in both cases to see the actual picture. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

  2. Please post the code that you are using here. Use the backticks (key next to the 1 on your keyboard) to display the code in the forums.

  3. watercolorstudies


  4. You need to put in the image code, not just the url. You can copy that directly from Flickr, or you can do it manually.

    <a href="URL HERE"><img src="URL HERE" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT"></a>

    Flickr's TOS require a link back to them so that's why I've included the <a> code. You can set the size of the image so that it doesn't break your sidebar (probably no more than about 150px in width).

  5. The flickr widget uses the RSS feed to display a few of your latest images (gorgeous work), so what you need to put in the flickr widget is:

    The new Support FAQ about using the flickr widget is here

  6. Sorry, I should have made clear that the code I posted is what you would put in a text widget to display one picture.

  7. Stereo. :-)

    Should have made it clearer that I was referring to using the WordPress.COM flickr widget, which you can add to your blog sidebar. (You can't use the widget created by flickr here.)

  8. LOL

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