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Pictures keep disappearing from my posts

  1. Hello,

    It looks like the editor automatically removes the src="..." code from the <img> tags when I paste a picture in a post.
    As a result, I simply can't paste any picture.
    I do feel like migrating back to blogspot.


  2. Are you pasting directly into the editor or are you pasting a link into the picture icon? The simplest way to display an image is just to upload it to and insert it, or to a host like Flickr and link to it through the picture icon.

  3. thistimethisspace

    If you have imported your blog contents from Blogger then please note that Blogger does not allow you to hotlink to the images on their servers. This means you have to use the image uploader here at and upload them onto the servers.

  4. Hello,
    thanks for your replies. I have done exactly all of that and each time the editor removes the adress of the picture, although tit is stored on wordpress, and only leave either the alt attribute <img alt="Powerpoint" /> or the border attribute.
    Never seen that ?

  5. can you give us a link to your blog?

  6. Hello,
    I unfortunately can't really give access to my blog since it's a company initiative.

    Thanks anyway

  7. can you manually add the image URL back in as a work-around? I think you may need to contact staff using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday

  8. Hi,

    yes, I can, but it disappears again. I will start a brand new blog just to see if it has to do with the original import from blogger - and if it's not OK, I will contact support.

    Thanks for your help, I'll be back after I 've tried this

  9. Hi,

    I 've eventually tried with an old Internet Explorer and it works fine. So the problem seems to come from my Firefox - V

    Thanks everyone,

  10. I have the same problem with two of my posts, the images would disappear, then come back, and it's not there again, only show IMG_1748.JPG , and also the post before this one.

    I uploaded the photos like normal, I even deleted the photos, and uploaded them again, but it's doing the same thing.

  11. Nyenoona, I can see your pictures fine; there should be 4 on that page, right? I force reloaded the page 10 times and they didn't disappear once. Just saw your nice desk. :)

    I don't think it's quite the same problem as what Magros is reporting; this could be a broswer issue with you. Which browser are you using? Can you try another one (something like Firefox or Flock) and see if the images are still disappearing when you look at the page?

  12. I'm using Firefox, and I've noticed this before also, and kept working with it, might be time to change to a new browser. Thanks, it was driving my crazy because other photos are fine, just those 2, one of the photos was the elephants on this post.

  13. I'm using Firefox 2.0.07 with no problems. You're not using an older version of Windows at all, something older than XP? There are some problems with javascript in the latest version of Firefox when running Win 98 and 2000. Otherwise hopefully it's just fixed itself.

  14. I just switched to Internet Explorer, and still missing those 2 photos, might be my computer or something. I'll check at another computer, but if you could see it, that'd be okay, and yes, there're 4 photos on this post. Thank you. :)

  15. No, this is a new computer, it’s XP profession, and latest version of the browsers.

  16. Well, it's not that then. I checked in IE7 and I see all 4 pictures, and definitely the elephant one. It might not hurt to clear your browser cache (Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear Now in Firefox), but I'm pretty sure it's not that if you see it in IE as well. Maybe someone else here can have a look and confirm whether they see them or not in case I'm going cross-eyed or something.

  17. Come to think about it, I had this problem earlier in the morning at home and got tired of messing with it, and I see the same thing here at my computer at work, so it’s not the computer. I also just looked at my blog without signing in, it’s the same thing.

  18. I think you'd best send a feedback in to staff with details when support opens. I still see all the pictures but something's not right, and I just noticed that your post slug is messed up as well. It should have just the date and title in it, but it's got extra characters.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but I think this is something that needs back-end help now.

  19. Thank you CJWriter for your help, I checked at my co-worker’s computer and it’s also missing the two photos. One of the posts is a ghost story and she thought that might be it. ;)

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