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Pictures no longer in right place in text

  1. I don't post regularly to my blog since it's a maintenance manual for my garden - so it only gets updated once a year or so. When I looked at it just recently to start updating it for this year's changes, the pictures are no longer where they are supposed to be relative to thea text, so it doesn't make sense now. What happened?! I've been trying to fix it without any luck, and reading about alignment etc. doesn't seem to help me figure it out. When I try to move pictures around, they seem to either get duplicated or deleted! I'm pulling my hair out here! This was so easy to set up when I first did it, but now it's a nightmare! I may have to just give up on it if there isn't an easy solution.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When editing your post, just click on the image and click "edit image" (the little landscape button) and set your alignment in that screen.

    (I'm not seeing alignment issues, but a lot of your photos aren't loading for me. Not sure if that's related or just a slow load on my end.)

  3. Thanks - that helped - it appears that the alignment of some pictures have been altered somehow and some of the spacing of the text too, so that the pictures are out of sync with the text. Updating is obviously going to take a lot longer than I anticipated!

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