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    I am having a strange issue. Recently WordPress did some changes to the way pictures were handled. around pretty much the same time, no WordPress hosted blog’s pictures will load on my computer. I could go to any blog, including my own, hosted directly on and the blog loads sans the pictures. However, if there is a WordPress blog hosted on a private server, that blog loads just fine.I have tried different browsers(Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) and the same thing. I have changed my ISP’s default DNS to the google DNS. same thing. I tried a new user account on the computer. Same thing. My computer dual boots to Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview. Same thing on both the OSes. I asked a friend of mine to check my blog from his computer, in a different network and he is able to see my blog just fine.

    Also, since this issue started I have noticed that all the picture properties have their locations show up like this

    For some reason, every image has the w=xx&h=xx appended. So far, based on what all I have done, I think it is something to do with my ISP. if that is the case, I am out of luck, because my ISP’s technical support is hopelessly incompetent, though I would like to add that their internet service itself is good. So, anyone has any thoughts on this? Also, is there like a proxy I can use, which might help my whatever it is that is blocking my access to wordpress pictures.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hai vijayasimhabr,

    I too face the same problem. None of the blogs are showing up pictures.

    I think, the PROBLEM is with the WORDPRESS,not ours.


    Well, a little relieved I am not the only one.

    I found a solution though. I added a proxy, and I can see the website with pictures. Though, using the proxy mars my Internet speed drastically, so I use the proxy only when required. If you are not sure about find proxies, find one here. .

    Hope it helps :)

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