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    Speedtest shows I’m getting 12Mbps yet right now my blog dashboard is sticky, clicks taking an age to execute, various icons not showing (eg dashboard in widgets column), routine small picture uploads are landing in gallery but then cannot be inserted into page/post – only a white panel after clicking “insert”. Repeatedly. This has happened before and I then have had to log out and return later in the day. I’ve restarted, disconnected, cleared the cache etc etc. Are there any quick fixes for this kind of stickiness?

    The blog I need help with is


    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.



    Hi TSP – I did all that last night and again today. More than once. There was a Firefox update on my Mac last night, but other destinations seem normal. WP is taking an age to load its login page, but once in, the dashboard is distorted and unformatted. Reload sorts that out, but then every click produces an endless wait showing “connecting to” in the progress bar. Usually another click helps, or a tap on the Reload button gives a kickstart. So any kind of work is taking an age. The act of inserting into a post the image I uploaded yesterday still results in a grey window over the “Add an image” panel before accessing the gallery after a few reload clicks, then a white blank window after clicking ‘insert”. An older image inserted successfully. And yes I have deleted the newer one and reuploaded it afresh. No joy in inserting it though. The whole WP experience is like slo-mo, very sticky.



    Are you accessing WordPress.COM from your own computer or one at work/school?

    Have you tried on another computer or network?



    Hi airodyssey – I’m doing nothing new. At home on my regular Mac. I have no other access. I’ve just switched to the Safari browser and the problem is entirely WP specific. All other sites are loading instantly, yet itself is taking an age, also the login, also each click on the way produces a long wait with “connecting to” in the bottom bar. Funnily enough was just as slow to load but nevertheless confirmed my speed as 12.5Mbps.



    PS – My last message more than a minute to submit! Imagine blogging at this speed.



    PS – Sorry forgot to say specifically that Safari showed the same white screen after trying to insert the image in question. No joy.



    Having the exact same problem, it was driving me crazy!



    “Waiting for”

    Waiting for WP to load is becoming a recurring nightmare. It’s only your site that is affected.




    I’m suspecting that there may be some larger connection issues at play here.

    Would you please contact us directly?

    If you can also include the results of a traceroute, we’d really appreciate it.


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