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Pictures not showing in the post.

  1. I am trying to upload my photos into the post they are relevant to. I'm uploading them per the instructions and I'm clicking "send to editor" but nothing is happening at this point, the little windows logo int he upper left hand corner of my browser isn't even moving. Can anyone help?


  2. Clicking the "Send to editor" button will insert into the text box the code to display the image. If you use the visual editor, it will probably display the image (not sure, I don't use it myself), otherwise you should see something starting with < img src="...

    Have you tried clicking the "Save and continue editing" button, and then "Preview ยป"? It will show the post you're writing in a new window.

  3. Do you use OSX?

  4. When I click the "send to editor" button nothing is happening, and I think this is my problem. Is there any way I can just type in the code for viewing the image? If I could figure out what that was I could probably learn that.

    And I have no idea what OSX I'm not really sure if I'm using it.

  5. If you click on Edit in the upload box you can get the URL of the image and just use that.

    It sounds to me like you're probably using Safari for your browser, and it has a tendency to cause problems like this with WordPress.

  6. Sorry, gridergossip. OS X is the name of the operating system for Macintosh.

  7. It's okay. My browser is internet explorer, and we use Windows 98 as our OS.

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