Pictures not showing until post is opened.

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    Sorry, I know this is probably so basic it hurts but…
    How do I get my pictures to display on my blog without opening the post? I would like for the picture to show and then you could click on the picture or header to open the post.
    As they stand now, the post just shows the name and you have to click to see it..

    Please help

    Thank you!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    On your blog I see the first picture in each post. Did you solve this yourself or are you still not seeing the images?


    I just switched themes… which solved the issue, but not how I would have done it on the old theme…



    Some themes don’t display images on the main page unless they’re Featured Images. To my mind, that’s a total pain in the butt. If there is only one image in te post, it should automatically be Featured. If there are multiple, and none is specified, it should be the first image. This would be simple to code, but nobody does it.


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    not even facebook…


    I know right. Its not complicated. I make a post with a picture.. why not show it? or at least have the option to show it.

    Ah well, its ok, I have found a different theme that shows the pics and looks not too shabby. I’m just getting started so I’m having issues with the side bars and menus. I want just a list of the posts (just titles) to be in the menu, not the categories.

    Is that possible? This theme doesn’t have any menus now which looks good but is kind of difficult for people searching.

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