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Pictures not showing up on facebook

  1. When I post a link to my blog on facebook, it allows me to choose a photo for the thumbnail, but when I post it, the photo doesn't show up. This only happens when I do it manually, the auto posting is working normally. Is anyone else having this issue? How can I fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've got the same problem.

  3. There are other threads on the same issue. Staff are aware that everyone if frustrated that there is a bug in the Facebook end of things. What I don't comprehend is why folks aren't directing their feedback to the Facebook staff. See >

  4. I'm unable to even connect with Facebook via WordPress. When I try to activate the publicize feature, I get a message that says "An error occurred authorizing your Facebook account." I'm assuming this is part of the same Facebook bug?

    I think WordPress support staff are more accessible than Facebook, so it's easy to raise concerns here first.

  5. It may true that it's easier to post here first but it isn't effective as far as I can see.

  6. Contact staff from your Dashboard help button. THat's the most effective way to get their attention.

  7. I am not contacting Facebook about it because all of my other links post WITH photos; it's merely the WordPress links that show a photo, but then when I hit "share" -- it loses the photo and posts as a photo-less link. This makes me assume that this is an issue on WP's end, as it has not happening with any of the other 15-20 links I post in a day on my page, correct?


  8. Facebook has mentioned this:
    Staff are investigating (see the link I posted above).
    Here's the link for contact Staff >

  9. Wow, so it very well could be on FB's end; thanks for the info, Timethief!


  10. Yep, it appears it's a Facebook bug. You're welcome. :)

  11. legendsarising

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm having the same problem since the 16th of March. Hope it gets solved soon. The posts on Facebook look like shit without the pictures that accompany the articles.

  12. shoesaddiction

    I thought I was the only one having the same issues, but thanks for the informations :)

  13. You're welcome.

  14. I am having the same problem with no help at all from Facebook, other than they are working on the problem. I have to upload the photo first, type a message and manually add the link in the message portion. It works but it does not look as nice as before all these problems. I hope Facebook listens to all of us that have complained. Heaven help us.

  15. Facebook has mentioned this:
    Staff are investigating (see the link I posted above).
    Here's the link for contact Staff >

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