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    I regularly include pictures on my posts. Usually I can hover over them with a mouse, and click on them to see a full-size image that opens in a separate window. With the recent changes made in WordPress, the post I am currently writing doesn’t seem to do that. The pictures are not “click-able”, so I can’t see them in a larger size. Any help?



    Im assuming your talking about this blog and I am able to click ont he picture and see them in a larger size.



    Here is a helpful tutorial

    How to link your name to your blog


    Saw 1923–Yes, that was a post that I put out before WordPress changed. I am working on a new post for Monday, and when I preview it, I can’t get the pictures to enlarge. (I always used to be able to do that on a preview). And yes, that is the correct blog that you referenced above. Thanks :)


    Remove the image and then reinsert it, but when you find it and get ready, make sure and click the “file URL” button before you click “insert into post.” WordPress will remember that choice you made and from now on or until you manually change it.


    that did the trick. Thanks!


    You’re very welcome.

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