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Pictures on front page have all cropped bizarrely Autofocus theme

  1. panierofplenty

    Hello staff and members, I have just found your topic as I have been greatly perplexed and disappointed by the same issue – my blog was working perfectly and for weeks now has had no dates displaying on the 'home' page images and the text has defaulted. I am (was!) very content with this theme and have chosen to use it for my other blogs, and wish only that it continues to operate 'as before' i.e. it was looking perfect, I was proud of how it looks professionally and I knew exactly how to upload and create it... now have no idea and certainly cannot 'go back' and reorganise all content and am not at all happy that my readers have to experience this default, as it is not the image I would choose to diplay 'professionally'. Other features have also changed and I can suddenly no longer select align none or centre, nor alter the size of images... these features were working very well before and I only wish to have 'everything return to normal'. I recommend wordpress to others and do a great deal to promote this blog and 'autofocus theme' it is not living up to its promise – why I chose it in the first place to best represent my aesthetics. Regards

  2. I gave up and chose another theme :-( i wish it will change again... ( I like "Autofocus" the most)

  3. i viewed your blog now and it's look just fine. ? :-)

  4. panierofplenty

    Hi Idity8, Looks ok on the surface (have always formatted images to a panorama) but used to have dated imbedded in the pics and the headline and first paragraph when moused-over.... hope you get to like your new theme... I will keep this for now even if it has defaulted and try to find a solution...

  5. Using the CSS patch re-aligns the images but offsets the popup text.
    What's the fix for that??
    Wordpress should really do better than this. I have paid for customization and other things, so why would your upgrade have to affect what we have built? Can't WordPress write a note to give users a heads up to changes, and let us decide whether we want to incorporate them or not??

  6. @kerrystevens
    Please use this link to post your question to the CSS Forum and when you do provide an active link to the blog wearing Autofocus.

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