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    Is wordPress having an internal glitch with their site today. My pictures on the blog are not visible to my readers and they have been in the past. Can someone reply please?

    The blog I need help with is


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    I see pictures on individual posts but not on your front page. Did you used to have pictures on your front page?


    NO! not the home page, but I’m in a hotel using their free internet service, can you check one particular post for me? “Harley searches for his Angel”, and let me know if you see pictures. That way I will know that this internet service just can’t download the pictures. Thanks so much


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    This picture from the post you mentioned doesn’t work:
    This picture from your newest post does work:

    Notice the non-working picture does not specify a size? also it’s not a “.jpg” file. I think that might be the problem: none of the pictures on that post specify size.

    Can you see those pictures in your library? If so, then try re-inserting them. If not, then you’ll have to re-upload them before inserting.



    All the photos in my archived posts are empty with a red x in the corner. If I delete photos from the media library after inserting into a post does that mean the photo won’t ever show when the post is opened?


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    You are hijacking this topic with a completely different problem! I’ll give you information here, but please start a new topic with a new problem in future. Reason: lots of users look at these forums for solutions to problems and when you change the topic, it gets confusing for future users and for us volunteers.

    Yes, you are right: your photos won’t be available in your posts if you delete them from your library.

    The photos you upload are not uploaded to individual posts on They go into a library. And just like a real library, if the book is missing (lost, stolen, trashed, or deleted), then you won’t be able to check that book out. It won’t even be available on the library shelf! It’s the same with files in your library on

    The advantage of this library system is that you can use the pictures again and again. And it makes load time faster for your readers.

    Unfortunately, if you have deleted the images from your library, then you will have to reupload and reinsert them into your posts with missing pictures.

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