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Pictures on my site are super blurry

  1. I resize my pictures prior to uploading them, but they are still incredibly blurring. Believe it or not, they are clear as day before I upload them. If you go to my site you'll see how crappy they look. It's been doing this for months and it's been frustrating. I never had this problem at all until June-ish.

    What can I do to fix this?? Driving me crazy!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hi =) ... It seems to me that your pictures are all good and doesnt look blurry maybe they were just an error.

  3. Really? They seem really unclear/out of focus seeming to me.

  4. Hello there,
    If you do not optimize and presize images to fit into the maximum displayed image width on posts or pages or in sidebars and the cropper comes into play then image quality is lost.

  5. I know that... I resized them in photoshop to be much smaller than the maximum displayed image width, but when I upload them on my site for some reason they still look like garbage.


  6. I'm using Firefox 8 and your images look fine to me. I think you may have another issue. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Is your browser version up to date? You can upgrade any browser version here.

  7. i ran into this same problem tonite... i've never had trouble with my photos before.

    i did view them on mozilla/firefox, and the photos in question look GREAT! but they look like CRA_ on windows 7 browser.

    i had no idea that they might look different browser to browser. off to see if an update helps!

  8. My jaw is on the floor... I just switched to Mozilla (I was using Google Chrome) and they're fine.



    Thanks for your help everyone!

  9. I agree with you. Same is happenning with me! My pics are incredibly blurry either on the computer or on ipad!

    Sigh2! :(

  10. @creatinglittlemonsters
    Different browsers do display our images and content differently. You're welcome from me and best wishes with your blog.:)

  11. @serjios
    If you have not done as I said up here and if you have relied on the WordPress cropper then know that the result is a loss of image quality.

  12. Actually i realized that pictures are always blurry after i post them but as soon as a few hours pass by they get clearer. Maybe it's related to censurship? ;)

  13. Who could possibly censor images that are already uploaded into your blog?

  14. It was a joke :;)

  15. Oh ...

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